• Rivoli Monthly Medal

    Tournament result:

    Mens Gross Division

    1st Sean McLaughlan - 71
    2nd Ron Murphy - 72
    3rd Jordan Ryan - 78
    4th Viv Albertyn - 80
    Mens Net Division A Net

    1st Subhojit Biswas - 68
    2nd Douglas McLennan - 72

    Mens Net Division B Net

    1st Adriano Gentilucci - 81
    2nd Pat McSheffrey - 82 on countback
    Ladies Gross Division

    1st Ursula Iotti - 90
    2nd Heather Totten - 94

    Ladies Net Division

    1st Marta Biswas - 76
    2nd Elli Oschmann - 80


  • Blind Partner Combined Stableford

    Tournament results:

    Team Winner
    1st Ron Murphy and Peter Boland - 70 points
    2nd Ursula Iotti and Markus Hacker - 68 points
    3rd Adriano Gentilucci and Cameron Marland - 66 points

    Contest Holes
    Men's closet to the pin - T.R. Vijayan
    Ladies's closest to the pin - Heather Totten



  • Strokeplay and Stableford Event

    Tournament results:

    Stroke Play Division
    1st Markus Hacker net 70 on countback
    2nd Ron Murphy net 70
    3rd Kate smith net 71 on countback
    4th Kevin Barrett net 71

    Stableford Division
    1st T.R. Vijayan 38 points
    2nd Marta Biswas 36 points

    Contest Holes
    Men's longest drive - Mark Sayery
    Ladies's longest drive - Kate Smith



  • 9th Annual Dougherty Trophy Individual Stableford Event

    Tournament results:

    Overall Champion
    Nicola Breeze 40 points

    Men's Division
    1st Adrian Jennings 37 points
    2nd Kevin Barrett 36 points on countback

    Ladies Division
    1st Kate Smith 36 points on countback
    2nd Marta Biswas 36 points

    Contest Holes
    Men's closest to the pin in two shots - Martin Verity
    Ladies's closest to the pin in two shots - Maureen Low



  • Modified Stableford Event

    Tournament results:

    Men's Division
    1st Matthew Derrick 5 over quota
    2nd Jimmy Russell 2 over quota
    3rd Ciaran Barrett 1 over quota

    Ladies's Division
    1st Maureen Low 1 under quota

    Contest Hole
    Closest to the pin on 2nd hole Martin Verity